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Possible Standalone IPs

This video is part of my weekly news series, Gaming Bytes. I’m taking a break from gaming news, however, to discuss something that has been on my mind lately.

While there were a lot of good games released this year, I’ve noticed a lot of triple-A games that are prequels, sequels, or spin offs. Why is this? Are the developers that scared of taking chances on new intellectual properties that they have to continue making sequels just to stay afloat?

Or, like Ubisoft, are they so dedicated to making franchises and sequels that they lack the foresight to see that the sequels they make could easily succeed as intellectual properties? Either way, I decided to take a look at the biggest sequels and prequels of 2013 and think of them as separate intellectual properties or new franchises.

This video is part one. I won’t post second part because I want people to check out the channel where my bread is buttered. Go to the Hold the Line channel on Youtube or visit holdtheline.com to check out all kinds of content focused on providing gamers with information.

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