Knack Demo

I entered a Gamestop recently and got my hands on a demo of the game Knack. It’s a platformer that relies on the character, Knack’s ability to absorbs materials to make himself grow in order to combat goblins that are invading. I enjoyed my time with the demo, although I felt it was lacking something that makes it next-gen. In terms of gameplay, it was quite simple (press X to jump and square to punch), and left nothing to the imagination when it came to combos.

The graphics were cute, but that’s part of the problem. Cute isn’t what I think when the term ‘next-generation’ pops into my head. I watched a friend of mine play Killzone: Shadow Fall through the Playstation 4’s streaming ability, and the graphics were beautiful. With this first batch of Playstation 4 games, it’s okay to show off the processing power and graphics of the system. I appreciate that Knack is a cute little thing, but I wouldn’t pay full price for ‘cute and simple’. It seemed like something that should be on the Playstation 3 for $20 rather than a ‘new experience’.


Perhaps, when I get a Playstation 4, I will rent this title, but the demo didn’t give me a good first impression. What did you guys think of Knack? Have you even purchased the console or are you waiting?


What I Watched

Recently, I watched Day of the Doctor. It’s the uninterupted, commercial-free, 799th episode of the BBC television show, Doctor Who. I’ve seen enough of Doctor Who to not only know what the show is, but to enjoy it enough to be apart of such an event. My only issue is that the show has been going on for decades and there have been a lot of actors that have played the Doctor (not to mention the many companions). As Mister Candy says, it had my curiosity; now it has my attention. As I read forums and Wikis, I can’t help but be more enthralled by the Doctor Who experience.

But again, where do I start? My dad has his favorite Doctor, and his name is Tom Baker. He played the fourth Doctor (the one with the long scarf), and has had the longest run playing the character. I wonder if I should begin there or simply go back to the beginning. I began with Christopher Ecclleston, and I thought it was decent, but it didn’t reel me in. Along came David Tennant who kept me intrigued and entertained with his experienced, yet cocky attitude. And Matt Smith is more ‘elementary Watson’ than anything, but his pronounced forehead is what distracts me from his portrayal of the character than anything else.

However, Day of the Doctor really brought me into the series, and yet I can’t figure out where to start. I could always just find all the old episodes. With the wonder of the internet and digital downloads, it is very possible.

What do you folks think? In terms of Doctor Who, should I go all the way back to the beginning? If not, does anyone have a favorite Doctor they think would be better for a beginner? I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress. Alonsie!