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Knack Demo

I entered a Gamestop recently and got my hands on a demo of the game Knack. It’s a platformer that relies on the character, Knack’s ability to absorbs materials to make himself grow in order to combat goblins that are invading. I enjoyed my time with the demo, although I felt it was lacking something that makes it next-gen. In terms of gameplay, it was quite simple (press X to jump and square to punch), and left nothing to the imagination when it came to combos.

The graphics were cute, but that’s part of the problem. Cute isn’t what I think when the term ‘next-generation’ pops into my head. I watched a friend of mine play Killzone: Shadow Fall through the Playstation 4’s streaming ability, and the graphics were beautiful. With this first batch of Playstation 4 games, it’s okay to show off the processing power and graphics of the system. I appreciate that Knack is a cute little thing, but I wouldn’t pay full price for ‘cute and simple’. It seemed like something that should be on the Playstation 3 for $20 rather than a ‘new experience’.


Perhaps, when I get a Playstation 4, I will rent this title, but the demo didn’t give me a good first impression. What did you guys think of Knack? Have you even purchased the console or are you waiting?