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‘Dead Rising 3’ Review

I’m pretty sure that this trailer doesn’t fully represent the craziness that comes with customizing your weapons and outfits. Oh well! I guess you’ll just have to find out when you play it! Or just read the review!


Dead Rising 3 Screen 2

Platforms: Xbox One

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom Game Studio Vancouver

Genre: Third-person action

Zombies – they’re everywhere now. The Walking Dead is currently cable’s highest-rated show, a fair number of people buy Treyarch’s Call of Duty games because of the Zombie mode alone and Brad Pitt’s World War Z easily banked its $190,000,000 budget in the worldwide box office. These are just a few examples in the sky-rocketing popularity of zombies in the last few years.

But before zombies were seemingly everywhere in the entertainment business, one of the more noteworthy examples of the undead horde’s presence in the video game industry was Xbox 360’s exclusive Dead Rising. The game’s two biggest attractions were its ability to squeeze hundreds of zombies on-screen and being able to fight them with virtually anything you could grab in a shopping mall.

Xbox One’s exclusive launch title Dead Rising 3 is no different…

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REVIEW: Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 1: Power and Responsibility


Ultimate Spiderman TPB Volume 1
Power and Responsibility
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Art by Mark Bagley
Published June 1, 2002
Marvel, 184 pages

At the turn of the century, Marvel decided to reboot their most famous heroes and storylines and give them a modern feel. This new venture would appeal to a wider audience while peaking the interest of veteran fans, too. It turned out to be a success as the Ultimate Universe was born (Earth 1610) was born.

Beginning with Ultimate Spiderman in 2000, readers got a much younger Peter Parker/Spiderman. Actually, he was fourteen at the time, and it provided a character that was more relatable to the youngsters of the time. The first arc in this ongoing series, Power and Responsibility, acts as an introduction to Peter Parker and his life as Spiderman. A lot is different this time around including Peter Parker’s job, and even the circumstance leading to Uncle Ben’s death.


The reader is immersed in a day of the life of Peter Parker; harsh bullying from his peers, but a loving family at home. This is greatly appreciated because it sets up how complicated his life will soon become after he is bit by a genetically altered spider. Note that other versions had him bitten by a radioactive spider, but this is a more modern take on the beloved wall-crawler.

Things only escalate as his home life is turned upside down, and this volume was an interesting opener for the series that lasted over ten years. This Peter Parker is quite relatable to anyone who has ever been a hormonal teenager, and it shows as he steps up to uphold his responsibility.

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Fathers and Sons: The Day JFK Died



The first time I learned about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy I was a little boy. My father kept a book about JFK on a shelf in the living room. In it was the famous photograph of Kennedy waving to the crowds as his motorcade made its way through Dealey Plaza.

Years would pass before I understood the full impact of the president’s assassination; that time came when I was a freshman in high school. I was listening to the radio on December 9, 1980. John Lennon had been shot dead the previous evening. From John Kennedy to Bobby Kennedy, from Martin Luther King to Malcolm X, and, years later, John Lennon, I developed a growing sense that anyone remotely associated with changing the world for the better ended up dying.

My father never talked to me about Kennedy’s assassination; nor did he ever mention, except in passing…

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