‘Dead Rising 3’ Review

I’m pretty sure that this trailer doesn’t fully represent the craziness that comes with customizing your weapons and outfits. Oh well! I guess you’ll just have to find out when you play it! Or just read the review!


Dead Rising 3 Screen 2

Platforms: Xbox One

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom Game Studio Vancouver

Genre: Third-person action

Zombies – they’re everywhere now. The Walking Dead is currently cable’s highest-rated show, a fair number of people buy Treyarch’s Call of Duty games because of the Zombie mode alone and Brad Pitt’s World War Z easily banked its $190,000,000 budget in the worldwide box office. These are just a few examples in the sky-rocketing popularity of zombies in the last few years.

But before zombies were seemingly everywhere in the entertainment business, one of the more noteworthy examples of the undead horde’s presence in the video game industry was Xbox 360’s exclusive Dead Rising. The game’s two biggest attractions were its ability to squeeze hundreds of zombies on-screen and being able to fight them with virtually anything you could grab in a shopping mall.

Xbox One’s exclusive launch title Dead Rising 3 is no different…

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